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Recommended fabrics are faux furs, faux leathers, denim, home dec., wool, & polor fleece. Linings should be fabric that feels good against the skin, like silk & polyester silk-like fabric.


For Sassy Wrap Exterior Fabrics:
Up to missy size 10
3 yards of exterior fabric for jacket (58-60”)
Missy size 12 and up
4 yards of exterior fabric for jacket (58-60”)

Lining And Interfacing For All Sizes:
4 yards of lining
5 yards of Silk Envy fusible interfacing
OR 4 yards of muslin (44-45”)
Thread to match or contrast.

Sassy Wrap Jacket

  • Technology today brings beautiful faux furs that truly looks and feels like real mink, fox, etc. There are leather and suede-like materials that can be washed. The Sassy Wrap Jacket pattern is perfect to use with these fun and cool materials. Make yourself one fabulous mink or leather jacket for pennies on the dollar! This pattern will work for
    up to bust size 45.

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