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What is Pleather?

It took me 3 years to curate this Pleather collection.  I had to find a pleather that is realistic and mimics real leather well.  Paradiso Pleather has to be able to fold with strength, has the padded fiber backing to self-pad the pleather wherever it is used as strap & handbag components. And the bonus of the Paradiso Pleather Collection is that it comes in embossed & textured surfaces, that truly feel like real leather!

Pleather Kit No. 3

  • This #3 Paradiso Pleather Strap Kit measures 3” x 54/55” and can be used for the following Paradiso Designs Patterns:  The Tiny Bag and the Trio OR for 1” strap/straps/tabs OR for whatever you would like.  Paradiso Pleather Kits can be used for other bag patterns as well, or for doll shoes and clothing too!! 



    See how to sew pleather

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