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Required Materials:



All materials used should be about the same knit weight. 

The following material supply list will make a Funky Patchwork Sweater Coat women’s sizes XS to XL. 

3 XL men’s wool knit sweaters: 

• One V-neck Sweater for the top of the sweater coat fronts 

• One Crew neck for the top of the back of the sweater coat 

• One sweater’s sleeve cuffs will be used as the sleeve cuffs on the sweater coat 

• The rest of each of the above sweaters will also be used 

1/2 yard cuts of four different wool knit fabrics 

1/3 yard of wool knit jersey for trim (this is a thinner wool knit) 

Thread to match or to contrast 

Funky Patchwork Sweater Coat

$9.00 Regular Price
$6.00Sale Price
  • The Funky Patchwork Sweater Coat is like wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket and snuggling in for the evening on the couch, except the Sweater Coat allows you to stay warm and comfy as you go about your day!! It is a fabulous wardrobe piece for fall through the first cool days of spring. Depending on what wool knits are used, the Sweater Coat can be refreshingly demure or all about playful colors! The Funky Patchwork Sweater Coat is made of wool knit yardage and vintage wool sweaters. Shop thrift stores for gorgeous wool knit sweaters. XL men’s wool sweaters are best, but please — do not pass up a beautiful woman’s XS sweater — get what you love!

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