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Bag Size & Required Materials


Approximate Size: 23"W x 13.5"H x 8"D


Required Materials:

1 1/3 yards of material for the exterior of the bag and the belt loops

1 1/3 yards of material for the lining

1 1/4 yards of matching contrast material for the tie, pocket lining, bag-top and pocket-top trim

1 1/3 yards muslin for interfacing


If you want to mix and match patterns for the different pattern pieces, these are the material requirements for each piece as follows: 

1/3 yard for each set of pockets

1/2 yard of material for each set of front/back pieces

2/3 yard of material for the tie and the trim

1/2 yard of pleather / vinyl OR Pleather Kit No 2


All seam allowances (SA) are 5/8" unless otherwise noted. A Teflon foot for your sewing machine and heavier (jean) needles will help to stitch pleather.

Carry All Shoulder Bag

  • The Carry-All Bag by Paradiso is an awesome day tripper/travel bag that can transport everything you need for that day or even a few days!!

    There are 2 outer pockets & 4 interior pockets.
    Each pocket can hold a baby bottle, thus excellent to make for a baby/diaper bag, a travel bag, school bag, OR for whatever you desire!

    Sell finished items! You (the purchaser of this pattern) can sell finished Carry-All Bags made using this pattern (on a home-based scale), credit/tag especially on social media to Cheryl Kuczek, @cherylofparadiso, and #carry-all, @paradisosewingpatterns is appreciated! Thank-you!

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