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What is Pleather?

It took me 3 years to curate this Pleather collection.  I had to find a pleather that is realistic and mimics real leather well.  Paradiso Pleather has to be able to fold with strength, has the padded fiber backing to self-pad the pleather wherever it is used as strap & handbag components. And the bonus of the Paradiso Pleather Collection is that it comes in embossed & textured surfaces, that truly feel like real leather!

Paradiso Pleather Collection Sample Sheet

  • This is a sample sheet of the complete Paradiso Collection.  This sample sheet has 2" x 2"  actual pleather collection swatches.  I spent years curating this pleather collection of embossed materials that are sturdy & durable to provide stable strong straps.                                       This sample sheet comes in handy to source a reliable strap material in the color you need!  See how to sew pleather

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