Material Requirements:


Straps: Paradiso Pleather Kit #3 OR 1/8 yard pleather OR 1/8 yard of 44-45” fabric 

Bigen: 7.5"H x 9.5" 

1/2yard fabric OR 2 Fat Quarters OR fabric scraps 

1/2 yard muslin & 1-1 zipper 

Paradiso Small OR Tiny Swivelhook/Ring Set OR 2-2” snap hooks & 2 78' metal rings

Midlen: 5.5" H X 75" W OR Little: 3.5"H X 6"W

1/4 yard fabric OR 1 Fat Quarter OR fabric scraps 

1/4 in & 1-9" zipper 

1-2 snap hook & 1-5/8 metal ring 

Thread 80-90 regular sewing machine needle for 100-110 denim sewing needle for pleather strap 

The Paradiso Pouch Trio

$11.00 Regular Price
$8.00Sale Price
  • The trio of Paradiso Pouches are 3 different sized pouches to help you stay organized.  Good for change, make-up or to use a purse/waist bag!


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