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I love to teach others to sew. If you desire to learn how to sew or need some help and encouragement, then I would love to help you! I teach in the greater Puget Sound area. Please scroll down and see a complete listing of what I teach and where. You will see that many of my classes are open sewing where you can work on any pattern or project, and come to one or more classes to get you up and going on your sewing project.

Kids Sewing Classes

AGES 7 and up, Magnolia Neighborhood
Paradiso Designs Sewing Lounge
Catherine Blaine Elementary
Magnolia Elementary

Adult Sewing Classes

AGES 18 and up
Paradiso Designs Sewing Lounge
Located in Magnolia

Event Classes

-Sew Expo 2021 will be virtual

-ASG 2021, TBD

Afterschool Sewing Classes

Creative classes for kiddos

During the Pandemic I am teaching private afterschool classes to siblings.  This is a unique opportunity to be able to work with siblings on different creative projects and they do not have to be all the same project!  One can work on sewing, another on Jewelry, and a third on art. Please contact me at            cheryl (at)paradisodesigns.com for more information and to see how I can cater to your families creative interests.


Summer Sew Camps 2021

In 2121 as we progress through the pandmic I hope to have summer sew camps or at the very least creative classes with siblings!

I will update this  information in January 2021


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Seattle, Paradiso Sewing & Design Lounge

Private Classes

Custom private lesson classes that are tailored to your needs and level. This can be a beginner who has always just wanted to sew or someone who never has time to finish that big project and just needs some encouragement.  I can teach virtually anything related to sewing. Possible projects making pillow or cushions, clothing, handbags, curtains, and anything can be discussed.  I also teach jewelry-making, painting and dyeing. Beginner to advanced!

Social Distancing and Masks are required!

AND.....We can also do virtual too!


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Contact & Connect

Contact Paradiso Designs with any questions you may have about wholesale needs, classes or upcoming appearances. (We are happy to help.)

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